【Komeda Coffee nationwide】Komeda’s signature shaved ice will be available again this summer!


The new seasonal menu “Komeda’s Famous Shaved Ice” will be available at all Komeda Coffee Stations nationwide until mid-September 2020, with three new types of fruit ice with pulp added to the menu!

One bite of the “Komeda’s Famous Shaved Ice” and its special syrup will spread in your mouth. You can customize it to your liking by combining your choice of toppings such as soft-serve ice cream and condensed milk, the Komeda way. In 2020, you can enjoy a total of five flavors, including three pulpy fruit ice flavors plus the classic matcha and strawberry ice.

Watch out for three types of “fruit ice”!

This year’s special focus is on three types of fruit ice that are perfect for summer with their fresh fruit flavors. Three types of ice are available: white peach ice, which combines white peach pulp with domestic white peach puree for a fragrant taste; mixed berry ice, which uses four types of berry syrup with blueberry and raspberry pulp and strawberry and blackcurrant juices; and kiwi ice, which was also launched in 2019 and has gained popularity.


Komeda’s signature shaved ice

【Sales Period】Until Mid-September 2020 (planned)
【Store】Komeda Coffee nationwide
White peach, Mix Berry, Kiwi Shaved ice, 650 yen – 680 yen(Mini 540 yen – 570yen)
Matcha Shaved Ice, 650 yen – 680 yen (Mini 540 yen – 570yen)
Strawberry Shaved Ice, 540 yen – 570 yen (Mini 430 yen – 460 yen)
Various toppings / Soft cream 120 yen / condensed milk 70 yen / red bean paste 110 yen
*All prices include tax.
*Prices vary from store to store.