【LAWSON】Damn Cute Japanese Sweets (Kirby & Warp Star) will come up!


Japanese confectionery (with 2 sets of 324 yen excluding tax) with motif of “Kirby” of “Kirby’s Dream Land ” and “Warp Star” appearing in the game will launch in Lawson (except for Lawson Store 100) from April 23, 2019 .

“Tabemasu Assort, Kirby’s Dream Land” 350 yen (includes tax)

Cutest Japanese Sweets

The main character of Kirby’s Dream Land, Kirby, and its vehicle, Warp Star, became Japanese sweets. Cute curvy Japanese sweets made with chubby glutinous dough (Mochi) are fully packed with custard cream. There are 6 kinds of expressions including smiley face, comfortable face, wink face, and secret.

Warp Star, on the other hand, is made of paste with chocolate taste cream. You can reproduce the shape of “Kirby’s Dream Land” familiar Kirby by putting the Kirby of Mochi dough on a Warp Star.

Put Kirby on Warp Star!


Tabemasu Assort, Kirby’s Dream Land
( https://www.bandai.co.jp/candy/tabemas/a-kirby )

【Classification】Japanese confectionery
【Variety】A total of 6 kinds, (2 pieces per 1 pack)
*Kirby (Custard flavored cream Mochi)
*Warp Star (Chocolate flavored cream paste)
【Size】Each total length about 40mm
【Price】324 yen (+tax) / 350 yen (includes tax)
【Release Date】 April 23 (tue), 2019
【Store】Lawson of the whole country

*There is no sale at Natural Lawson and Lawson Store 100.
*Due to the limited quantity, it will be discontinued as soon as it sold out.
*Product handling dates at stores may vary depending on the store.
*Some stores may not handle it.