【Lawson】Kirby’s Dream Land cosmetic goods are now available at CVS (Lawson)!

Star Kirby’s cosmetic goods are now available at variety shops and Lawson stores throughout Japan. Limited items that were previously only available at Kirby Cafe, Its Demo Store, and Village Vanguard can now be purchased at Lawson.

Cute cosmetic products based on the Kirby the Star.

The cosmetics brand Lovisia has lined up a line of cute cosmetics featuring the popular pink Mammal character Kirby the Star. This time, lipstick, eyeshadow and mirror will be provided.

3D engraved lipstick with Kirby’s face

The “Kirby Star Lipstick” comes in three colors: beige pink, coral pink, and rose pink with a 3D engraved face of Kirby. It’s fun to collect all the colors because the package design is different for each color. It’s formulated with moisturizing ingredients and is perfect for taking care of dry lips.

Kirby Star Lipstick
All three colors: 1000 yen each

Eight natural color-based eye-shadows.

The Star’s Kirby Eyeshadow has a natural color base that contains shimmering fine pearls and eight colors set in a “star” shape. In addition to Sweet Pink and Shiny Blue, there will also be a limited edition available only at Kirby Cafe, It’s Demo Store, and Village Vanguard.

Left) Kirby Eye Shadow 03 (Kirby Cafe, It’s Demo, Village Vanguard Limited) 1,800 yen + tax
Center) Kirby Eye Shadow 02 1,800 yen + tax
Right) Kirby Eye Shadow 01 1,800 yen + tax

The rubber mirror is easy to carry around.

The “Kirby Star’s Rubber Mirror” can also be used as a key chain with a strap, making it easy to carry around. The package design of Kirby’s adorable eyes makes a great gift.

Kirby the Star Rubber Mirror 800 yen + tax


Kirby the Star Original Design Cosmetics

【Release Date】Starting on Saturday, March 28, 2020
【Retail Store】Variety shops nationwide, Lawson nationwide