【Lawson】New products of the week!


I will pick up and introduce several new products to be released in Osaka from “Lawson New Products of the Week”. They will be on sale from April 23.

Kin-shari rice ball
plenty salmon roe

Limited quantities
198 yen (includes tax)

It is a rice ball using a good amount of texture, which is soaked with good freshness after landing.

Beef Bento

Nationwide Release
598 yen (includes tax)

It’s a Bento box where you can enjoy the taste of various beef, such as hamburger with garlic and soy sauce, grilled meat with sweet and spicy sauce, and a slightly sweetened ground beef.

Real cheese! Quattro cheese fettuccine.

Nationwide Release
498 yen (includes tax)

It is pasta for cheese lovers using 4 kinds of cheese. There are smoked pork and broccoli black pepper which are compatible with cheese.

DEKARAAGE-KUN seaweed salt
(Big Fried chicken)

Nationwide Release
268 yen (includes tax)

It will be released as a reprint version of Karaage-kun, which was released in the early Heisei period, as “Dekaraage”.

Baked Chocola Strawberry

Nationwide Release
350 yen (includes tax)

It is a baked chocolate with a rich flavored chocolate ganache containing the complimented sweet and sour strawberry.

Chocola Dome Strawberry

Nationwide Release
470 yen (includes tax)

A chocolate-coated dome cake with a rich chocolate mousse and strawberry jelly with fruits is topped with strawberries and strawberry pieces.