【LAWSON】New Products of the week!


I will pick up and introduce several new products to be released in Osaka from “LAWSON’s New Products of the Week”. They will be on sale from April 30.

Rice ball, TAIMESHI
(rice with minced sea bream)

Nationwide Release
298 yen (includes tax)

In celebration of the new era, they will release “TAImeshi” of “OmedeTAI”.
(Omedetai means joyous)

Hand roll sushi, Negi-toro in plenty
(Green onion and fatty tuna)

Nationwide Release
180 yen (includes tax)

It’s green onion and fatty tuna roll that you can feel the original taste of tuna firmly using bigeye tuna and yellowfin tuna.

Ooebi Tenju
(A bento of rice topped with deep fried big shrimp)

Nationwide Release
598 yen (includes tax)

It’s a bento of rice topped with auspicious 2 big deep fried shrimp.

Grated yam Soba with soft boiled egg

Nationwide Release
460 yen (includes tax)

It’s cold Soba with domestic grated yam and soft boiled egg. Use smooth and resilient thin fine noodles. Use 2 kind of dried bonito, shiitake mushroom and sea cabbage for soup.
*Chemical seasoning is not used for soup.

Mochi cream puff
-glutinous vanilla cream puff –

Nationwide Release
165 yen (includes tax)

It’s a cream puff with glutinous texture that made not only the dough but also the cream.

Ruby Chocolate Roll Cake

Nationwide Release
235 yen (includes tax)

It’s used “ruby chocolate” which is characterized by pink and fruity and fresh acidity. The ruby ​​chocolate sponge and cream were combined, and the sweet and sour berry jelly was sanded inside.

Choco-mint doughnut
(Chocolate mint doughnut)

Nationwide Release
110 yen (includes tax)

This is a doughnut that uses plenty of eggs, chocolate flavored chocolate dough with mint flavored chocolate and topped with chocolate chips. The look of the dot pattern and the refreshing taste is a fun menu.

Delicious chocolate mint roll even after chilling. (4 pieces)

Nationwide Release
140 yen (includes tax)

Mint cream and chocolate chips are rolled into a roll cake made of chocolate and mint, and it is sliced ​​into 4 pieces for eating easily.

Haagen-Dazs My Sweet 4 layer berry

Nationwide Release
Limited at LAWSON

324 yen (includes tax)

Berry sauce with fresh blueberry flesh is mixed on a rich butter custard ice with butter cookies and a pleasant texture. There is a topic of this ice cream. see here.