【LAWSON】New Products of the week!


I will pick up and introduce several new products to be released from “LAWSON’s New Products of the Week”. They will be on sale from June 4th.

Ripe tomato and chicken spice curry

Nationwide Release
500 yen (Tax included)

It is a curry that makes use of the delicate acidity of the ripe tomatoes, the spicy taste of the spices, and the deliciousness of the ingredients that you can taste the smell.

Eating cold soup
(high lycopene tomato)

Nationwide Release
298 yen (Tax included)

It’s cold type soup. This cold soup uses lycopene, which is an antioxidant, and high lycopene tomato which is rich in glutamate, which is an umami ingredient. In the soup part, high lycopene tomato paste, tomatoes on the upper plate are served with two raw high lycopene tomatoes.

Machi Cafe, Tomato latte

Nationwide Release
210 yen (Tax included)

High lycopene tomato is used for tomato juice. It was combined with well-matched milk. By putting carrots, you can eat even more deliciously.

Pasta with high lycopene tomato cream and shrimp

Nationwide Release
480 yen (Tax included)

A tomato cream raw pasta made with milk, fresh cream, and high lycopene tomato sauce, with a tomato taste. Grilled tomatoes (high lycopene), prawns and broccoli are colorfully served.

High lycopene tomato cream
omelet rice

Nationwide Release
498 yen (Tax included)

Milk was added to ketchup sauce using high lycopene tomatoes to create a tomato cream sauce with moderate ketchup acidity but mild taste. Broccoli mascarpone topped with color and accent.

High lycopene tomato & cream cheese sandwich

Nationwide Release
350 yen (Tax included)

It is a sandwich that combines a slice of high lycopene tomato, cream cheese with basil, and lettuce. It is seasoned with Italian dressing with olive oil.

KARAAGE-KUN Onion soy sauce (Awajishima source)

Nationwide Release
216 yen (Tax included)

It is Awaji island sauce taste that is full of sweetness and kelp umami that are characteristic of onions from Awaji island.

Japanese Parfait with Uji Matcha and bracken-starch dumpling.

Nationwide Release
285 yen (Tax included)

Uji Matcha mousse with a deep bitter taste and aroma at the bottom is sealed with Matcha Jelly. Airy thick bracken-starch dumpling, whipped cream, roasted black sesame, rice-flour dumplings, red beans are colorfully presented.

Uchi Café × GODIVA
Cherry chocolate waffle

Nationwide Release
350 yen (Tax included)

A chocolate waffle with chocolate cream and American cherry on top. Served with fresh, sweet and sour raspberry sauce and wrapped in a soft, waffle dough.

Uchi Café × GODIVA
Cherry chocolate roll cake

Nationwide Release
415 yen (Tax included)

In a smooth chocolate cream and a thick cherry ganache, sandwich an American cherry compote and wrap it with a sponge containing dry raspberry.