【Lawson nationwide】Doraemon turns into a Japanese sweet! Doraemon’s Japanese sweets limited release today!


Doraemon appears as a Japanese sweet. “Tabemas (Eatable Mascot) Doraemon 2020” and “Tabemas (Eatable Mascot) Doraemon 2020 Ganso (Original) Doraemon ver.” will be released at Lawson (excluding Lawson Store 100) nationwide from March 3, 2020 (Tuesday).

“With ears” Original Doraemon ver.

“Tabemasu (Eatable Mascot) Doraemon 2020 Ganso (Original) Doraemon ver.”, Which features a yellow body and ears when born at a future factory, has a custard flavor.

Doraemon 2020 Ver.

At the same time, “Tabemas (Eatable Mascot) 2020” has cute eyes and lips. It has a chocolate taste that cannot be imagined from the appearance of blue, and you can also enjoy a moist texture here.


Tabemas (Eatable Mascot) Doraemon 2020 ver.
Tabemasu (Eatable Mascot) Doraemon 2020 Ganso (Original) Doraemon ver.

【Release Date】March 3 (Tue)
【Price】264 yen + Tax
【Store】Lawson nationwide
*There is no sale at Lawson Store 100.
*Due to limited quantity, sales will end as soon as they are gone.
*Images may differ slightly from actual products.
*Release dates may vary by store.