【Limited to CVS】A bite size ice cream, “Pino” will be a joint product of Evangelion!?


Morinaga Milk Industry’s popular ice cream “Pino” and “Evangelion” are collaborating. It will be available as ‘Pinot (Evangelion Package)’ from April 6 (Mon), 2020 at a limited number of convenience stores throughout Japan.

High impact design

The “Pino (Evangelion Package)” is now available in several packages that reflect the worldview of the film to commemorate the release of “Shin Evangelion: The Movie Edition”. The design is full of impact, with the motif of the “first machine” and the familiar font of the work.

In addition, there are three kinds of picks for eating the bite-type ice cream ‘Pino’: a face of the first plane and an original pick of the weapon ‘Longinus’s spear’ in the movie. One of them is enclosed in the package.


“Pino (Evangelion Package).”

【Price】140 yen + Tax (Limited quantity)
【Content】60ml (10ml × 6 pieces)
【Release Date】Apr. 6 (Sat) 2020
【Store】Limited to convenience stores nationwide.