【Limited to June 13 – early July】 Cafe comme ca releases a limited edition cake using “ripe blueberries”!


Cafe comme ca has launched a limited edition cake using “fully ripe blueberries” from June 13, 2022 (Monday) until early July.

1,100 yen / piece

The main ingredient in the limited edition cake is “fully ripe blueberries” from Hamamatsu, Shizuoka. They are a rare variety with low acidity and sweetness, and are large and satisfying.

The “fully ripe blueberries” are generously decorated on a mascarpone base. The blueberry cream is added as a finishing touch to bring out the fresh flavor.



Ripe Blueberry” Cake 1,100 yen/1 piece

【Sales Period】 June 13 (Mon) – Early July, 2022
【Store】 Cafe comme ca nationwide
【Store in Osaka】 Abeno Kintetsu Store, Moriguchi Keihan Store, Tenmabashi Keihan City Mall