【Matcha! × Sanrio!?】”Gudetama cafe” and “Matcha House” collaborated. 【3/14~5/6】


The “Gudetame Cafe” with the theme of popular character of Sanrio, Gudetama located in HEP FIVE in Umeda, OSAKA will be sold collaboration menu with MATCHA HOUSE where known as Uji-matcha Tiramisu in Masu (Japanese Measure Cup) for a limited time from March 14.

What’s the “GUDETAMA cafe”!?

Source: Gudetame Cafe

First of all, what’s “GUDETAMA”? Gudetama (ぐでたま Gudetama) is a Sanrio character who debuted in 2013. The character is the yolk of an unfertilized egg, devoid of gender.[50] Gudetama is often depicted reclining on an egg white or as an ingredient in a Japanese dish. Gudetama’s main trait is laziness. The name Gudetama is derived from the Japanese words for lazy (ぐでぐで gude gude) and egg (卵 tamago). By Wikipedia

Source: Gudetame Cafe

An illustration of Gudetama is displayed on all wall of the shop, and a photo spot where you can make a photo shoot with Gudetama is also available. They offer a number of menus that you can enjoy, see and taste, as you can meet Gudetama, which turns into a real and unique menu that makes you smile! and… Gudetama Cafe is only in OSAKA!

What’s the “Matcha house Matcha-kan” !?

It’s matcha specialty store with 9 stores mainly in Asia including Singapore and Hon Knog. They have “re-imported” the green tea culture arranged overseas in Japan, and have developed “Japan Second Wave” as a concept.
Since the store was raised overseas, a menu that is friendly to you!

Matcha house, Matcha-kan is also located in Nanba, OSAKA
(2-1-15 Sennichimae, chuo-ward, Osaka-city, OSAKA)

“Gudetama” × “Matcha Tiramisu” …

Here is the result! of “Gudetama” × “Matcha Tiramisu”
(Uji Matcha Tiramisu, ¥600+tax)

They will offer you damn cute collaboration menu for a limited time from March 14 to May 6.

There is also “Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea) Tiramisu).
(Hojicha Tiramisu, ¥600+tax)

Enjoy it with original cafe menu!

Gudetama cafe has a lot of cute & yum meal. So you can enjoy original menu and collaboration desert! like following.

“Gude White curry” + “Matcha Tiramisu”, ¥1,400+tax
“Mountain! Roasted beef bowl” + “Matcha Tiramisu”, ¥1,400+tax

Good News! Tiramisu will be 400 yen (+tax) if you order with meal or drink!

Novelty Gift commemorating a collabotation!

If you have a meal in the café during the period, you will receive a “place mat” and “sticker”, and “coaster” who ordered drinks only. As it is the end as soon as it disappears, so visit early!

Place mat

Cafe Information

Gudetama Cafe (located in HEP FIVE in UMEDA)
Official web site is Japanese only but you can see it in Tripadvisor. or here.

Address: HEP FIVE 7F
5-15 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ward, Osaka-city, OSAKA
Phone: 06-6366-3694 (Maybe only in Japanese)
Hour: 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m (Last order will be 10 p.m.)
The closing day is irregular. (Conforming to HEP FIVE)
Collaboration will be March 14 to May 6