【MacDonald’s】 Big Mac Set Special Price 550 yen! The campaign starts today!


Starting today, McDonald’s restaurants will offer a special price of 550 yen for the “Big Mac Set” under the theme of “This Year, Everyone’s BIG SMILE”.

This year, we will all make a BIG SMILE.

McDonald’s signature product, “Big Mac” is a product that appeals to customers because of the exquisite taste of the special sesame bun, juicy beef patty grilled to perfection, and secret recipe Big Mac sauce, and the sense of satisfaction you feel when you fill your mouth with it. The Big Mac Set, which includes a side menu and a drink, is normally priced at 690 yen, but will be available for 550 yen during this period.

The “Grand Big Mac” and “Giga Big Mac” are also here!

The popular “Grand Big Mac” and “Giga Big Mac” will also be available in limited quantities starting January 6.

The Grand Big Mac (single item from 540 yen) has the same great taste of the Big Mac, but with a 100% beef patty that is more than 1.3 times the size of the Big Mac! The Giga Big Mac (single item from 740 yen) contains four beef patties. The Giga Big Mac (from 740 yen for a single item) contains four beef patties. This is the fifth time these items have been released since their first appearance in 2016.

Lottery campaign also starts!

In addition, from January 6th to the end of January, the “Turn and Smile New Year’s Lottery Campaign” will be held. campaign will also be held from January 6 to the end of January. By turning over the raffle ticket attached to the package of “Big Mac” or “McFly Fries L size”, you can win a free coffee or fries by lottery, and also receive a 50 yen discount coupon from the menu.


This year, we will all make a BIG SMILE Campaign!

【Sales Period】 Jan 6 (Wed) – 19 (Tue), 2021
【Store】 McDonald’s nationwide