【March 20】Gundam Cafe will open in Dotonbori, OSAKA

Tomorrow! On March 20 (Wed) in Osaka, Namba, the “Gundam Cafe Osaka Dotonbori” where you can enjoy the Gundam’s world will open!


Gundam Cafe, which was born in 2010, opens in Osaka City for the first time. It is located in a building along Midosuji near each line Namba Station. The second floor will be the “take-out (To-go) area” where you can buy original Gundam Goods and soft drinks such as tapioca drinks (Boba drinks), and the third floor will be the “cafe area” where you can enjoy original menus and fan events. You can soak up the Gundam’s World by interior, pictures and announcements by Bright Noah!

(Left) Boba Milk Tea with sweet cheese mouse
(Up Right) The Char Zaku Curry salutes the charismatic antagonist’s custom horned mecha.
(Lower Right) Mysterious standard Zaku salad/omelet.
Thick-cut ham cutlet in the shape of halo, named “Thick cut halo cutlet”


Osaka Dotonbori branch limited original goods are …
Clear bottle with drink, Zion army Osaka dialect ver. (¥1,296)
Gundam excellent lines cookie, Osaka dialect ver. (¥918)
and so on…

The words of the Osaka dialect are used, such as Gurren Zabi’s “Bucchake Kasuyade!”(which means actually he’s nut!) And Shah Asnable’s “Bon Bon yakara” (which means because s/he’s rich.)

(Upper Left) “Bon Bon yakara…(Because s/he’s rich)” by Asnable
(Upper Middle) “Bucchake Kasuyade! (Actually s/he’s nut!)” by Gurren Zabi
( Lower Left) “Char! Usoyan! Char!!” (Char! You must be kidding! char!) by Garuma Zabi
(Lower Middle) “Zaku towa chaunja! Zaku towa !” (It’s completely different from Zaku!) by Ramba Ral
(Right) Drinking Bottle with frame image of cartoon

Cafe Information

Gundam Cafe Osaka Dotonbori Brunch

Address: Nanba Izumiya Building 2F & 3F
1-7-10 Nanma, Chuo-ward, Osaka city, OSAKA
Access: Osaka Metro Midosuji Line Namba Station Exit 14
Phone: 06-6211-4060 (Maybe Japanese Only)
Business hour: 10 am – 10:30 pm