【Matcha Sweets!!】The “Matcha Fair” that colors the coming of spring has started on February 4!

Bourbon Co., Ltd. launched six flavorful and savory products of matcha on Tuesday, February 4, 2020, in time to start feeling the buds of fresh greenery.


(1) Mini Lumonde Matcha Cream (140g)

A crepe cookie with a light touch and a bittersweet Matcha cream. It is a product that you can enjoy the fragrant matcha flavor with white crepe fabric coated with matcha cream.

(2) 40 ELISE Matcha

A stick-shaped cream wafer wrapped in a deep-flavored Matcha cream with a light, crispy wafer texture. You can enjoy the combination of rich Matcha cream and wafer.

(3) Alfort Matcha (157g)

A chocolate biscuit that combines a light and fragrant digestive biscuit with Matcha chocolate kneaded with tea leaves and shaped into a sailboat. This product matches the plump scent of tea leaves with the scent of biscuits.

(4) Moist Soft Cookie Matcha (188g)

Moist texture soft cookie made by kneading Matcha and baking it. It is easy to eat in a small bar type, and you can enjoy the bittersweet taste of Matcha that goes down.

(5) Pakila Matcha

Stick chocolate sandwiched with Matcha chocolate with crunch crepe and lightly textured wafers. You can enjoy the bittersweetness and crispy texture of Matcha chocolate with a heavy eating response.

(6) Chocolat Lubera Matcha

A rounded, mellow Matcha-flavored langudosha cookie rolled up and stuffed with Matcha chocolate. You can enjoy the good texture of Langudosha cookie and the taste of refined matcha.


Matcha Fair by Bourbon

【Release Date】February 4, 2020
【Store】Mass retailers, drug stores, retail stores etc.