【McCafé by Barista】 It’s totally pudding! Maccafe’s new frappe goes on sale tomorrow.


McDonald’s stores with “McCafe by Barista” will be selling “Coffee Jelly Pudding Frappe” for a limited time starting tomorrow, March 10, 2021.

Enjoy the triple texture

A sweet frappe with a rich and full custard pudding flavor, topped with a bittersweet caramel sauce and smooth whipped cream. A coffee jelly with a moderate bitterness is also combined at the bottom for a change of flavor.

The triple texture of crispy frappe, creamy whipped cream, and plump coffee jelly will keep you happy until the end.

It also looks like a pudding! The cherry on the top is also cute.

【AD】 Only during the Super Sale! Half price 50% off!


Coffee jelly pudding frappe

【Sales Period】 Mar 10 (Wed) – Scheduled until the end of April.
*Sales hours will follow the opening hours of McCafé by Barista.
【Price】 490 yen (Tax included)
【Store】 McCafe by Barista nationwide (Store in Osaka)

Did you know? It’s so good too! (Deal of the day)

KIKKOMAN Soymilk Beverage Pudding 200ml x 18 bottles

1,580 yen

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