【McDonald’s】 Chocolate Strawberry Pie, a menu item only available in Japan, goes on sale today!


McDonald’s will release its new “Sneaky Chocolate Strawberry Pie” today at McDonald’s stores nationwide for a limited time. It’s a McDonald’s limited menu item only available in Japan.

The first fruit pie, a combination of chocolate and strawberry

For the first time in the history of McDonald’s fruit pies, the “Cunning Chocolate Strawberry Pie” combines chocolate and strawberries in a crispy pie crust filled with rich chocolate sauce and strawberry filling with pulp.

The sweetness of the chocolate and the sweet and sour taste of the strawberries are a perfect match.
In addition, the “Cunning Chocolate Strawberry Pie” will be offered in a package designed with the image of chocolate sauce and strawberry filling with pulp.

【PR】 Hokkaido Rokkatei Strawberry Chocolate


“Sneaky chocolate strawberry pie.”

【Sales Period】 Mar 8 (Mon) – Early April 2021 (to be determined)
【Price】 130 yen (Tax included)
【Sales Hour】 During all business hours
【Store】 McDonald’s stores nationwide (excluding some stores)

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