【McDonald’s】 Strawberry Uji Matcha Frappe and Uji Matcha Mont Blanc Tart will be available from April 6. Uji Matcha-full sweets are available for a limited time only!


McDonald’s will sell Strawberry Uji Matcha Frappe and Uji Matcha Mont Blanc Tart at its McCafé by Barista locations for a limited time starting Wednesday, April 6, 2022.

Limited time offerings in the Uji Matcha Frappe series

“McCafé by Barista” is popular for its dessert-like drinks such as frappes and smoothies, and the “Uji Green Tea Frappe” series, which was added to the regular product lineup in June 2021, will be available for a limited time only, as a springtime product featuring green tea and strawberries. The popular frappe with its unique combination will appear for the first time in three years. This year, we have also prepared a new cake to enjoy Uji green tea together with the frappe! The gorgeous “Uji Green Tea Mont Blanc Tart” with white bean paste and Uji green tea will be available.

Strawberry Uji Matcha Frappe

The fleshy strawberry sauce and strawberry whipped cream are layered on top of a matcha frappe with matcha powder made from Uji matcha tea produced in Kyoto and mouthwatering milk for a gentle sweetness and richness. The top is then topped with strawberry whipped cream and matcha powder. The freshness of the strawberry sauce and creaminess of the whipped cream enhances the taste of the matcha. Enjoy the harmony of the mellow aroma of matcha and sweet and sour strawberries that spreads from the moment you take a sip.

Uji green tea Mont Blanc tart

The Mont Blanc tart is made with savory baked tart dough, topped with whipped cream made with Uji green tea, refined white bean paste, and cream made with Uji green tea, giving it an elegant sweetness, aroma, and bittersweet taste.


McDonald’s Uji green tea series

【Release Date】 Apr. 6 (Wed), 2022 *Limited time only
【Store】 McDonald’s restaurants with “McCafé by Barista” nationwide
【Hour】 “McCafé by Barista” during business hours (hours vary by store)
*The “Strawberry Uji Matcha Frappe” and “Uji Matcha Mont Blanc Tart” will end as soon as they are gone.