【McDonald’s】 The popular “Mac Fleurie Kit Kat” will be available for a limited time from February 24. This year, a new strawberry flavor with the scent of spring is also available!


McDonald’s will release “McFlurry Kit Kat Strawberry” and “McFlurry Kit Kat” at McDonald’s stores nationwide for a limited time starting February 24, 2022.

There’s even a new flavor for spring this year!

McFlurry Kit Kat was first introduced in 2007 and has been very popular since its revival in 2020! This year, a new flavor, “McFlurry Kit Kat Strawberry,” has been added to the lineup to coincide with the arrival of spring, and is available in two varieties.

McFlurry Kit Kat is a cool treat that mixes smooth soft serve ice cream with fine crushed Kit Kat and a special sauce made with couverture chocolate. The crunchy wafer texture and chocolaty “Kit Kat” are mixed into the soft serve ice cream to create an exquisite taste experience.

The new “McFlurry Kit Kat Strawberry” is a soft serve ice cream mixed with crushed Kit Kat and strawberry chocolate. The strawberry chocolate, with its gorgeous aroma and slightly sweet and sour taste, is mixed in with the soft serve ice cream to create a new McFlurry with the aroma of spring.


McFlurry Kit Kat & McFlurry Kit Kat Strawberry

【Sales Period】 Feb. 24 (Thu), 2022 – Early April (tentative)
【Price】 290 yen (Tax included) / Strawberry 320 yen (Tax included)
【Store】 McDonald’s stores nationwide (excluding some stores)

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