【McDonald’s】”Doraemon” has arrived at “Happy Set”!


At each McDonald’s store, the happy set “Doraemon” has been on sale for a limited time from March 20.

In this happy set “Doraemon”, all eight toys related to “Doraemon the Movie: Nobita’s New Dinosaur” appear. A happy set-limited lineup inspired by Doraemon, such as the twin dinosaurs “Cue” and “Mu” appearing in the movie, as well as Doraemon’s secret tool “Everywhere Door”.

You can make original Doraemon.

The pedestal and hat of each toy can be removed, and you can make your own Doraemon by changing or changing the toys of the happy set “Doraemon”. Because it comes with a strap, you can attach it to your bag and carry it anywhere you like, so you can enjoy various Doraemon expressions. Each toy also has one movie sticker.

Happy set box with special design

This happy set “Doraemon” will be provided in a specially designed happy set box. Boxes with illustrations of “Cue” and “Mu” that can be used as straw markers when cut out and inserted into straws, and puzzles that can be cut out and played.


McDonald’s Happy Set “Doraemon”

【Sales Period】March 20 (Fri) – About a month
*End as soon as it runs out.
【Price】470 yen – 500 yen (Tax included)
【Store】McDonald’s nationwide