【McDonald’s】Plenty of crispy dough with strawberry pulp filling, and “Hot Strawberry Pie” is available for a limited time!


Limited-time fruit pie “Hot Strawberry Pie” will be sold at McDonald’s stores nationwide from March 4 (Wed) to late March 2020.

120 yen

Hot Strawberry Pie for Adventure

McDonald’s sells adventurous hot strawberry pie and stable hot apple pie.

“Hot Strawberry Pie” is a crisp pie dough with a strawberry filling filled with strawberry flesh. The filling of boiled cut strawberry fruit gives you sweetness and moderate acidity. The appearance and taste make you feel the coming of spring.

Hot apple pie, which is sold regularly, costs 100 yen. Stable “Hot Apple Pie” or Adventure “Hot Strawberry Pie” or both … which one do you choose?

“Hot Strawberry Pie” has a short sale period, so if you are worried, try to eat it.


Hot Strawberry Pie

【Sales Period】Mar 4 to end of March
【Price】120 yen (includes tax)
【Store】McDonald’s nationwide