【McDonalds】”Teri Teritama” will be on sale for a limited time from March 20 to April 16.


McDonald’s will release a new product “Teri Teri Tama” in the “Teritama” series for a limited time from March 29 to April 16.

It’s a new product that has doubled its teriyaki patties, which is added to the spring classic “Teritama” series. “Teritama” with two teriyaki patties is McDonald’s first ever.

The familiar taste “Teritama” is that pork patty with teriyaki sauce is sanded in a bun with sesame seeds along with plump egg, crispy lettuce and sweet lemon sauce. The taste of pork patties and sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce are excellent in compatibility.

It’s 460 yen for single item and 760 yen for value set.