【Men’s Cosmetics】A limited amount of “Sensation-3.8 ℃ Skin Care” will be released from the highly popular Uno All-in-One series.

Shiseido will release the all-in-one Uno Cream Perfection (Cool) from the beginning of May 2019 from the men’s brand “Uno”, which leads young people to adults.

Product features

In the fall of 2016, Shiseido “uno” launched the cream for all-in-one gel cream “Cream Perfection” which is No. 1 in sales for men. As an advanced version of this product, we launched “UV Perfection Gel” (a quasi-drug) that can prevent skin and acne in the spring of 2018, and succeeded in promoting skin care use in men.

All-in-one “Uno cream Perfection (Cool)” will be released in limited quantities from the all-in-one series of such popular “uno”.

The function of W care of skin’s texture and temper, plus oil-free & cool feeling of use. Even in the summer when you are concerned about stickiness, the skin care of the feeling of using cool and smooth provides confidence that you can compete on the skin.

◆ All in one gel of 1 item 5 role
Lotion + milky lotion + essence + cream + oil control effect

◆ Oil control powder
(anti-corrosion prevention)

◆ W Hyaluronic Acid

◆ Menthol formulated oil-free & cool feeling

◆ Fresh citrus green scent (slightly fragrant)

Item Information

Uno Cream Perfection (Cool) / 80g

【Price】761 yen to 906 yen
【Stores】Drug stores and variety shops across the country.
【Online】English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional),