【Minami(South) Mido】On New Year’s Eve you can experience the “bell of the night”, Kagamibiraki and behavioral sake.

On December 31st, the bell-punching of the night will be held at Minamimido in Honmachi, Osaka.

Bells on New Year’s Eve

Bell ringing Japanese believe that the ringing of bells can rid their sins during the previous year. The bell is rung 107 times on the 31st and once past midnight.  It is also very common to eat buckwheat noodles called toshikoshi soba on the New Year’s Eve.

This year starts at 21:00, one hour earlier than last year. The first bell butt is performed by the official character of Minami-Mido / Osaka parish “Button-kun”. Bell thrust rearranging ticket is distributed from 20:45.

At the event, a mirror opening will be held before 21:00. Button-kun will also participate, and visitors will be served barrel sake for free. At the venue, the year-end soba of “Kyo Kaiseki Minokichi Shinsaibashi Midosuji Store” will be sold for 200 yen per bowl. Limited to 200 bowls.


Countdown event at Minami(South) Mido

【Hour】21:00 on Dec. 31st to 0:20 the following day.
*Numbered tickets start distribution at 20:45
【Location】Minami(South) Mido
【Address】4-1-1-11 Kutarocho, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi