【Mini Stop】White peach soft cream!【CVS Sweets】


From cherry blossoms to fresh greens, the bright season is finally in full swing. In anticipation of the early summer air, Mini Stop launched “White Peach Soft Cream” from April 5th.
(Sales will start at all Mini Stop stores nationwide from April 12th.)

It’s used domestic fruit juice of “white peach” that is particularly popular among peaches.

Use only domestic white peach

Uses domestically produced white peach juice mainly from Yamanashi Prefecture with low acidity and strong sweetness. You can enjoy the smell and sweetness of the rich white peach of the moment you put in your mouth, and the refreshing sweetness of the aftertaste.

You can feel the freshness of the fruits and the pleasant smell of nose that seems to be eating white peach itself.

There are 4 types of menus

White Peach Soft (Cream) and White Peach Mix Soft (Cream), offering cup and cone respectively and it’s all 220 yen.

If you find Mini Stop, Let’s try it!