【MOS BURGER】Cream Cheese Teriyaki Burger came back with…


Mos Burger’s limited edition spring menu, “Cream Cheese Terayaki Burger”, which sold 2.6 million meals in 2018, will be more delicious and will be back on March 28.

(Left) Teriyaki Burger, (Right) Cream cheese Teriyaki Burger

Cheese taste is improved with natural cheese & Camembert cheese powder.

The cream cheese teriyaki burger, which will be released at Mos Burger stores nationwide (except for some stores) from March 28 to the end of May, is an arrangement menu that uses specially made cream cheese instead of mayonnaise for the teriyaki burger.

From this year, cream cheese was changed from processed cheese to natural cheese, and Camembert cheese powder was further blended.
It’s more cheesy and you can enjoy a rich taste!

A limited time dessert also appear!

Dessert shake fragrant rose jelly & mixed berry

Cool Dolce Matcha Chocolate

These will be released at Mos Burger from around 28 March.
Let’s enjoy limited menu!