【Mr. Doughnut Nationwide】 The newest addition to the “Misdo Pokémon” series, a collaboration with “Pocket Monster”, is now on sale!


Mister Donut has released a new series of ‘misdo Pokémon’ in collaboration with ‘Pokémon’. As the “Lucky Christma-chu Collection at Misdo,” it will be available in stores nationwide starting Friday, November 13, 2020.

Misdo x Pokémon collaboration again

This is the third year of the collaboration between Mr. Donut and Pocket Monsters. The theme for this year’s event is “Good things happen to Pokemon at Misdo,” and various events will be held under the theme of “Good things happen to Pokemon at Misdo,” including limited-edition doughnuts, original goods sets and kids’ sets, as well as a campaign to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Mr. Donuts.

Pikachu and Monster Ball donuts have evolved and reappeared!

One of the most noteworthy limited-time doughnuts to watch out for is the Missed Pokémon Doughnut, an evolved version of the Pikachu Doughnut, which was introduced in 2019. Yeast dough with custard whip is coated with pudding-flavored chocolate and depicted with an adorable Pikachu face. The “Monster Ball”, which also appeared in 2019, will be made into a sphere for a more realistic, three-dimensional look. This time around, both “Hyper Ball” will be in the lineup as well.

From Left) Pikachu Donuts (Custard Whip) / To-Go: 259 yen (including tax), eat-in: 264 yen (including tax)
Maru de Monster Ball / To-Go: 216 yen (including tax), Eat-in: 264 yen (including tax)

Lucky, the Pokémon that brings you happiness, joins the ranks

Lucky Donuts.
To-Go: 259 yen (including tax)
Eat-in: 264 yen (including tax)

Lucky, a Pokémon that brings happiness, will also be added as a new Pokémon associated with Mr. Donut’s familiar slogan, “It’s a good thing. The yeast dough is coated with strawberry chocolate, the pudding de ling dough shows his belly and the chocolate “ears” shows his face.

The classic Christmas “Pont de Wreath”

In addition to “Misdo Pokemon”, the Christmas classic “Pont de Lys” lineup is also available. There are three types of pudding, strawberry and chocolate. All three types are vividly topped with colored sugar.

Pon de Wreath / each, To-Go: 162 yen (tax included), Eat-in: 165 yen (tax included)

Limited edition Christmas set for collaboration

The special set to enjoy a happy Christmas with Pokémon is offered in a special box and paper bag. The set comes with one of the original collaboration design ‘Missed Pokémon Bowl’ and ‘Missed Pokémon Mug’, featuring Pikachu and Lucky.

The donuts will come with one “Misdo Pokémon Donut” and three “Pon de Wreath” or a tapioca drink.

The New Misdo Pokemon Kids’ Set

A kid’s set that includes a snack plate of “Morpeko” or “Aceburn” from “Pokémon Sword Shield” with Pikachu is also on sale. This set includes a donut and a drink for kids and is offered in an original paper bag.


Lucky Christma-chu Collection at Misdo

【Sales Period】 Nov 13 (Fri) – Late December (sales end sequentially)
【Store】 All Mr. Donuts stores (except some stores)