【Must Buy!】 The “Daemon Slayer” baby clothes are on sale!

Bandai’s Apparel Division will be releasing the second set of “Daemon Slayer Bib & Coverall Set” (4 types, 4,290 yen including tax, shipping and handling) at supermarkets and clothing specialty stores nationwide from March 2021.

The “Daemon Slayer” character impersonation bib and coverall set.

The lineup includes the main character Kamado Tanjiro, as well as Kadoma Nezuko, Wagatsuma Zenitsu, and Hashibira Inosuke. The costumes of the characters have been recreated as coveralls. The set comes with a stylus printed with each character’s lines.

The Tanjiro and Zenitsu models have Tsuba embroidery on the right shoulder, while the Nezuko model has a hemp leaf pattern. The Inosuke model comes with a boar head hood.


Narikiri Daemon Slayer Bib & Coverall Set (4 kinds of model)

【Release Date】 Early March 2021
【Store】 General Super Market nationwide, Clothing Specialty Store, Bandai Apparel Store
【Price】 4,290 yen (Tax Included)
【Target Age】 0 – 2 years old
【Size】 70 / 80 / 90 cm
【Product Material】 Cotton 100 %

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