【Nagai, OSAKA】Meat Festival will held from Apr 26 to May 6.

At Nagai Park in Osaka, “Meat Festival OSAKA 2019” will be held for 11 days in the GW of 2019, April 26-May 6.

What’s Meat Festival !?

“Meat Festival” is a new sensational food event that mixes carefully selected meat dishes with music and other genres of content, and is Japan’s largest food entertainment.

Featured Menu

The secret of the secret sauce which has been established since 1961 and Carefully selected harami that lasts for over 40 years in the sacred ground of yakiniku.

“Yakiniku EBISU”
“57 years of secret sauce! Vegetable roll of luxury meat”
Founded in 1978, “Yakiniku, Kojima” Nanba store
Visionary Harami (Outside skirt) that created 41 years of history

Cheese whirlwind continues! Cheese × meat menu to diversify.

In the world meat restaurant, the cheese menu has been buzzing since last year, starting with the cheese dak galbi .

Thick cheese , “Choa Chicken” by MADAN

The new hot menu of MADAN, “Choa Chicken” is
eaten with plenty of Satsusaku fried chicken wrapped in taro cheese.
Cheese fondue of domestic steak by Stone grilled hamburger and steak, Hamburg
It’s a steak which has plenty of rich cheese sauce on domestic beef with sashi.
“Meat-burger with Mikawa beef and Mikawa Pork” by Three place

Not only meat but also sweets!

Shimizu’s luxury potato parfait  
“Tapioca de Soft” by LOHAS BEANS
“Cotton snow (Strawberry, Mango, Chocolate, Milk) by Cotton snow of north

Summary of the event

Meat Festival in OSAKA 2019

Period / Apr. 26 to May 6
Hour / 10:00 to 21:00
1st date / 12:00 Last date / 20:00
Place / Nagai Park
(1-1 Nagaipark sumiyoshi-ward, OSAKA)
Access / 2min walk from Nagai Station of Osaka Metro
Price: Admission fee free
*Food voucher (¥700/1 ticket)