【Nagai Park】The popular ramen festival, “Ramen Girl’s Expo” and a new project “Gourmet Girl’s Expo” will be held at the same time !!

For 11 days from October 3 to October 14, at the Nagai Park in Osaka, a ramen event for women who specializes in women, “Ramen Girl’s Expo in Osaka 2019”, and a new project “Gourmet Girl’s Expo” Will be held at the same time.

Unusual Limited Ramen

This time, all ramen shops that are unusual for ramen events will exhibit a limited menu that can only be eaten at this venue. Luxury ramen using high-quality ingredients such as Ise lobsters, king crab, and king of white fish, rockfish (blackthroat seaperch) of Ishikawa Prefecture, Kanazawa. Of course, there are plenty of seafood as well as plentifully meat, and there is a special dish that 1/3 of the soup is oysters. Ton Chin Tan (pork clear soup), which is a trend in the noodle industry, and cheese and cilantro ramen that girls love! The lineup is rich in variety such as classic soy sauce, miso, salt, tonkotsu, chicken white water, back fat, and family.

Gourmet Girl’s Expo

This year, a new project “Gourmet Women’s Expo”, a must-see for carnivorous girls, Gyoza girls, and sweets girls, will be held at the same time for greedy girls who are not alone in ramen. The carnivorous girls area is a lineup that is unbearable for carnivorous girls such as Kobe beef, beef tongue and fried chicken. In the gyoza girls area, not only classic baked and fried dumplings, but also hot spicy dumplings that are popular with girls now appear! And for girls, the must-have sweets include a huge boom tapioca drink, as well as various genres such as gelato, pudding, and ice crepe.

There are a lot of ramen and food items that go well with alcohol, making it perfect for girls-only gatherings! Of course, men are welcome! This is a perfect event for the fall of appetite that can be enjoyed by friends, lovers, and families as well as by themselves.


Ramen Girl’s Expo in Osaka 2019
Gourmet Girl’s Expo in Osaka 2019

【Schedule】Part 1 Oct. 3 – Oct. 8 2019 / Part 2 Oct. 10 – Oct. 14
* Ramen stores will change in part one and in two.
* 10/9 closed due to store replacement date

【Hour】Weekdays from 11:00 to 22:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 10:00 to 22:00
* Last order 21:30

【Location】Nagai Park, Freedom square
【Address】1-1 Nagai Park, Higashi Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka
【Admission Fee】Free admission (male men are welcome!)
【URL】 http://www.ramengirls-fes.com/