【Nakanoshima】 Conrad Osaka will be releasing limited edition Valentine’s Day chocolates and cakes for a limited time only!


Conrad Osaka will be offering limited edition Valentine’s Day chocolates and cakes from Monday, February 1, 2021 to Sunday, February 14, 2021.

Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Chocolate Bonbons: 6 pieces for 3,300 yen + tax / 4 pieces for 2,200 yen + tax / 2 pieces for 1,100 yen + tax

6 kinds of fruit chocolate

The Valentine’s Day limited edition is a fruit chocolate that uses six kinds of fruit, such as figs, apricots, and passion fruit, to “feel the overflow of fruit juice.

The chocolate lineup includes “Melty Banana Caramel,” a banana and caramel with a hint of rum, “Juicy Strawberry Heart,” a heart-shaped chocolate with juicy strawberries, and “Cherry Jelly Ganache,” a rich vanilla ganache wrapped in sour cherry jelly.

“A cake with the image of a red rose.

On the other hand, “One Rose” is a cake in the shape of a single red rose and a heart. The base is layered with vanilla mousse and strawberry compote with a hint of rose, resulting in a light melt-in-your-mouth cake with a harmony of sweet and sour flavors. The top is decorated with dripping honey and gold leaf.

One Rose” S 4,800 yen + tax / L 6,200 yen + tax


Adult Juicy Bites Valentine’s Day (reservation required)

【Period】 Feb 1 (Mon) – 14 (Sun), 2021
【Place】 Conrad Osaka 40 Sky Bar & Lounge
【Address】 3-2-4, Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Receiving Hour】 10:30 – 19:00
*Reservations accepted on the website.
*Reservations must be made by 3:00 p.m. two days prior to pickup.
*Pick-up location and time are subject to change.
【Reservation or Inquiry】 06-6222-0111