【Namba】 A special Valentine’s Day experience program will be held at Little Snack Town Namba from January 23 for a limited time only!

A special Valentine’s Day experience program, “Baby Star Chocolate Making Experience,” will be held at the Baby Star theme park, “Little Snack Town Namba,” only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from January 23 to February 14, 2021.


Baby Star Choco Making Experience

【Holding Period】 Jan 23 (Sat) – Feb 14 (Sun), Saturday, Sunday, and holidays only
【Place】 Hosio-kun Kitchen in Little Oats Town Namba
【Number of times held】 Twice a day
【Time required】 About 50 min
【Number of participants】 30 / class
【Fee】 909 yen + Tax / person
【How to apply】 Please make a reservation on the Little Oats Town Namba official website and purchase a ticket at the ticket machine or on the day of your visit.
【Official Web Site】 https://little.oyatsu.town/reservekitchen/