【Namba】 Do you like fresh cream? Fresh Cream Specialty Store “Milk” Opens Bakery!


Japan’s first fresh cream specialty store, Milk, opened its first bakery, Milk Bakery, in Namba City, Osaka on March 5, 2021 (Fri.).

Plenty of fresh cream for you to choose from! Milk Bakery

In conjunction with the reopening of the Milk Namba City store in Osaka, the first Milk Bakery in the brand’s history has been established. The new breads, made in collaboration with the popular bakery “Boulanger”, all have a milky taste with plenty of fresh cream from Hokkaido, which is unique to this store.

Ultimate Fresh Cream Bread (Milk Maritozzo) 430 yen (tax included)

A total of four types of bread, including Sandwich bread and fresh cream bread.

The lineup consists of four types of bread: sandwich bread made with only Hokkaido fresh cream and milk instead of using any water, fresh cream bread made with melted brioche dough and filled with special fresh cream, milk salted butter bread made with fresh cream and a new type of bread made with crunchy pie, savory almonds and fresh cream.

Fresh milk cream Sandwich bread – 2 loaves / 980 yen (tax included)

Milky Roll Cake also launched.

The popular “Milky Roll Cake,” filled with plenty of fresh cream, will also go on sale.

Milky Roll Cake: 1 cut (1 serving) 310 yen (tax included)


Milk Bakery

【Opening Date】 Mar 5 (Fri), 2021
【Place】 Milk” in Namba City, Osaka.
【Address】 Namba City Main Building 1F, 5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka