【Namba】 End soon! Freshly baked Taiwanese melon buns filled with whipped cream are now available in a limited time!


Milk, a fresh cream specialty store, is now offering two new products: Milk’s Fresh Cream Melon Pan (Bread) and Thick Butter Melon Pan (Bread)! It will be on sale from November 5 (Thu) to 28 (Sat) at “milk cafe Namba Walk” only.

About Milk, a fresh cream specialty store

Fresh cream specialty store milk is the first shop in Japan to specialize in fresh cream, offering original fresh cream made with the utmost care in terms of origin, blending and manufacturing methods as the main attraction and offering a menu that pursues “how to enjoy the deliciousness of fresh cream”.

Two types of limited edition melon ban

The newly released Milk’s Fresh Cream Melon Buns 520 yen (tax included) is a dish that allows you to enjoy the marriage between the rich yet refreshing fresh cream and the crunchy Taiwanese melon buns. It’s a cute look and would make a great souvenir.

The “Melon Pan with Thick Butter” (410 yen (tax included)) has the gentle sweetness of freshly baked melon bread and the sweet and salty richness of thick slices of butter, making it a “forbidden melon bread” that you can’t stop eating.

A photo-worthy “cow-patterned” soft serve ice cream

In addition, the “Black Chocolate Mix Soft Ice Cream” for 500 yen (tax included) will be available only at the “Fresh Cream Specialty Store milk cafe Namba Walk” and “Fresh Cream Specialty Store milk Namba CITY”. Their soft-serve ice cream mixed with rich chocolate and bamboo charcoal powder is like a cute little cow! Enjoy a delicious and photogenic dish.


Fresh Cream Melon Ban
Melon Ban with thick slices of butter

【Sales Period】 Nov 5 (Thu) – Nov 28 (Sat), 2020
■ Fresh cream specialty store “milk cafe Namba Walk
Namba Walk 3-2 Namba Walk 3-2 2nd Avenue South Street, Namba 1-9 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
■ Fresh cream specialty store milk Namba CITY
Namba City Main Building 1F, 5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City