【Namba】 Sakimoto, a premium bread store, is now offering limited edition open sandwiches for a limited time only!


Sakimoto Bakery Cafe Osaka is now offering “Baked Sweet Potatoes”, a limited edition open sandwich in collaboration with aged baked sweet potato specialty store, “Suimo Amaimo”, until March 31 (Wed), 2021.

800 yen (Tax included)

Baked sweet potatoes with Suimo Amaimo

The limited-edition open sandwich, “Baked Sweet Potatoes from Suimo Amaimo,” is baked at Suimo Amaimo, a store specializing in baked sweet potatoes in an aged pot that opened in November, and is a dish that allows you to fully enjoy the flavor of the seasonal sweet potato, “Silk Sweet.

The surface of Sakimoto’s popular “Gokubi “Natural” Bread” is caramelized and topped with special baked sweet potato cream by “Silk Sweet”, Hokkaido sour cream and whipped cream. Whipped cream made from a combination of Hokkaido sour cream and fresh cream is added. It is finished with honey, which is characterized by its gorgeous aroma and fruity taste, and mint.

On top of the cream, there is a bold topping of “Silk Sweet” baked sweet potatoes. You will be able to enjoy the harmony of the rich, moist baked sweet potato, the sweetness of the honey and cream, and the elegant wheat aroma of the high-grade bread.


Sakimoto’s Limited Edition Open Sandwich “Baked Sweet Potato with Suimo Amaimo”

【Sales Period】 Dec 12 (Sat), 2020 – Mar 31 (Wed), 2021
【Store】 Sakimoto Bakery Cafe, Osaka First Head Store
【Price】 800 yen (Tax included) *Limited to 10 meals each day.

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