【Namba】A sandwich shop specializing in Fried Dashi-Maki sandwiches, “Maite-ageru”, is now open!


A new brand of Fried Dashi-Maki sandwiches, “Maite-ageru”, opened at SIGN OF THE FOOD in Namba City on July 20.

New taste of “Fried Dashi-Maki sandwiches”

Fried Dashi-Maki sandwiches, “Maite-ageru” offers a new kind of “fried dashi-maki sandwiches” made with dashi-maki egg and premium bread with rich broth.

The bread is made from a special bread developed for Fried Dashi-Maki sandwiches by the high-end bread shop “Too Much Fun Tomorrow”. The bread is full of tuna flakes, which are used in high-class restaurants, and has a soft aroma of Japanese soup stock.

Sandwiched between these breads is freshly baked and fried Dashimak Tamgo (egg) made with sun-dried kelp from Hokkaido and the best broth made from tuna flakes. When you eat it, you can feel the rich flavor of the dashi, a sandwich unlike any other.

Fried Dashi-Maki sandwiches are available in six full-size pieces and three half-size pieces. Both are available in two flavors, plain and mustard mayonnaise.


Fried Dashi-Maki sandwiches, “Maite-ageru”

【Opening Date】July 20 (Sun) 2020
【Location】Namba City Main Building 1F Sign of the Food
【Addtess】5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
【Hour】11:00 – 21:00
【Regular Holiday】Same as Namba City’s closed days.
【Price】Full size (6 pieces) 800 yen + tax / Half size (3 pieces) 450 yen + tax