【Namba】From DEGLAB, which sells “petal” -style fluffy soft ice cream, “Kyo-Uji Matcha” taste appears only in season!


DEGLAB SOFT CREAM LAB introduces a new work ” Airy Soft Served Ice Cream, Kyo-Uji Matcha”. From March 1 (Sun) 2020 to May 31 (Sun) 2020, it will be sold seasonally at the Namba AKICHI store in Osaka.

Seasonal new flavor

DEGLAB SOFT CREAM LAB’s “Airy Soft Served Ice Cream” is a popular ice cream with a gorgeous visual that has been squeezed like petals. The soft and light taste is also attractive.

The seasonal new work “Airy Soft Served Ice Cream, Kyo-Uji Matcha” uses rich soft ice cream made with Uji matcha from Kyoto Prefecture. Uji Matcha, which has a rich aroma and elegant astringency, matches the taste of mellow milk. It is finished in a Japanese-style soft ice cream with a beautiful visual like fresh green and a refreshing and deep taste of Uji Matcha.


DEGLAB SOFT CREAM LAB, New Airy Soft Served Ice Cream

【Sales Period】March 1 (Sun)-May 31 (Sun) 2020
【Store】Namba AKICHI store
【Address】2-3-20 Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi
【Price】Uji-Matcha 600 yen / Uji-Matcha×Rich Chocolate 600 yen