【Namba】High-end bread specialty store “Sekimoto” sells limited-edition sandwiches made with “Nagano Purple” from Osaka’s first main store!


Bakery Cafe Sakimoto’s Bakery Cafe Osaka No. 1 is now offering a limited edition “Gokubi Open Sandwich – Nagano Purple” made with “Nagano Purple”. It will be available from Saturday, September 19, 2020 until Wednesday, September 30, 2020.

Open sandwiches for fall only

This is a bakery café attached to the store where you can enjoy a variety of cafe menus using Sekimoto’s bread. This time, the Osaka head store has created a limited-time menu for the fall which is one of the most popular open sandwiches on the menu is arranged with Nagano Purple, a seedless grape from Nagano Prefecture that you can eat with its skin on.

The front of our flagship bread, “Gokubi Natural” bread, is caramelized to a golden brown color, layered with our original blueberry sapphire jam, and topped with a generous amount of our special cream, a combination of sour cream and fresh cream. The finishing touch is a large ‘Nagano Purple’ and blueberry puree, making this toast menu a perfect way to savor the juicy grape flavor.


The Gokubi Open Sandwich – “Nagano Purple”
(Limited to 10 servings each day)

【Sales Period】Sep 19 (Sat) – Sep 30 (Wed), 2020
【Price】850 yen (includes tax)
【Store】High-end bread specialty store “Sakimoto” Bakery Cafe Osaka
【Address】2F, 2-3-18 Namba-Naka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka City