【Namba】”Jumbo Fishing Boat Tsurikichi” 2nd store opened in Dotonbori.


The pub “Jumbo Fishing Boat Tsukichi Namba” that serve you the fish you caught on the spot opened on April 24.

Japan’s largest fishing boat tavern

The Jumbo Fishing Boat Tsurikichi, which opened on July 14th, 2017 in Shinsekai Osaka, is Japan’s largest fishing boat tavern that boasts an area of ​​about 700 square meters. There are 3 fishing boats in the restaurant, and it is an entertainment type tavern where you can catch fish swimming under the boat and eat it on the spot according to your favorite recipe.

image : this photo is Shinsekai store

You can enjoy fishing easily!

The second store is two floors of the basement floor and the first floor, and is about 600 square meters in size. One fishing boat of 15 meters in length is arranged on the ground floor, and a “gang fishing” ground where anybody even a small child can enjoy fishing easily is established on the basement ground floor.

Puffer fish and freshwater fish join!

In the second store, pufferfish and freshwater fish are newly added. The fishing boat tavern where you can catch fish, cook and enjoy on the spot is the first in Kansai. In addition, there are about 20 types of fish, from standard fish such as salmon and flatfish to rare fish such as oyster shrimp and moonlight shellfish.

You can choose two types of cooking that you catched
from Sashimi, Tecchiri (boiled fugu dish), fried fugu.

Restaurant Information

“Jumbo Fishing Boat Tsurikichi” Namba Store

【Address】 2-9-7 Sennichimae, Chuo-ward, OSAKA
【Hour】11:00 – 23:00
【Closing day】open 7 days a week (No closing day)