【Namba】Luxury bread specialty store “I’m so excited for tomorrow.” is releasing “Chunky Fromage”, a superb combination of “the finest cheese” and “luxury bread”, on sale from June 12.


From “I’m so excited for tomorrow”, the high-end bread shop in Namba City, “Chunky Fromage,” a superb combination of “the finest cheese” and “fine bread,” went on sale on June 12. Also, “I can’t stop being excited.” (plain), “Chunky Fromage” will also be available for purchase on the official online order site from June 15.

Chunky Fromage (Cheese bread), ¥1,274 / 2 loaves (tax included)

Chunky Fromage

Melting bread meets the highest quality rougher cheddar and powdered cheese to create the richest cheese-scented bread ever. Either eat it on its own, or lightly toast it and enjoy the browned cheese! Eat it raw on the day. The next day or later, we recommend that you eat it with your meal.

Main ingredients: flour, cheddar cheese, dairy products, sugar, salt

An online shop was born!

“Bringing deliciousness to your table that you can’t wait to see tomorrow.”

Produced by Takuya Kishimoto, a popular bakery producer, “I’m so excited for tomorrow” has started selling on the internet!
Now you can buy bread from anywhere in Japan!

Official Online Store


Chunky Fromage (Cheese Bread)

【Release Date】June 12 (Fri) 2020
【Store】Namba CITY Main Building 1F, Inside the Sign of the Hood
5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
【Online Store】https://ashitagatano.thebase.in/ (Start from June 15)