【Namba】“Mottram Cafe”, a specialty tapioca sweets store, will open in Namba for a limited time.

“Mottram Cafe,” the first cafe-style store specializing in fresh tapioca drinks “Mottram,” will open for a limited time in Namba, Osaka from February 14, 2020 (Friday).

[Mottram] means 100% in Vietnamese, and is a tapioca specialty store that pursues the ultimate raw tapioca every day with 100% commitment to materials, manufacturing methods and affection.

Mottram, the first cafe-style store specializing in raw tapioca drinks

“Mottram”, which means “100%” in Vietnamese, is a specialty store that offers drinks made with 100% handmade raw tapioca inside the store. Since opening its first store in Namba, Osaka in December 2018, it has opened two stores, including Namba, Harajuku, and Fukuoka, and has been a popular store that has led the boom in the “raw tapioca” boom. They will open the first cafe-style store in Namba, the birthplace of such a popular store.

Popular tapioca drinks for pancakes and chiffon cakes

Mottram Cafe, the first cafe-style store for Mottram, offers a variety of tapioca sweets that use luxurious raw tapioca.

Okinawa brown sugar raw tapioca souffle pancake 880 yen

You can enjoy five kinds of tapioca sweets, such as “Okinawa brown sugar raw tapioca souffle pancake” which made sweets from popular drinks of “Mottram” as it is, “Dark Uji matcha raw tapioca souffle pancake”, ” Mottram strawberry milk raw tapiocas chiffon cake”. Both sweets menus come with “additional raw tapioca” which is nice for tapioca fans.

Mottram strawberry milk raw tapioca chiffon cake 880 yen
Dark Uji Matcha Raw Tapioca Souffle Pancake 980 yen


Mottram Cafe

【Open period】February 14, 2020-Sunday, May 31, 2020
【Location】Minatomachi River Place 3rd floor, Minatomachi River Cafe
【Address】1-3-1 Minatomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-shi
【Hour】11:30 – 18:00
【Phone】 06-6635-0234