【Namba】New Hotel Features, Vol. 1! The hotel was created by inheriting the traditional design of the former Kabuki-za Theater.

In Osaka, many hotels are opening one after another. Now is not yet the time to travel, but it’s fun to plan your next trip! Check out the new hotels now! And try to spend more time at home with fun travel plans and fun things to think about.

“Hotel Royal Classic Osaka”, a new landmark that blends tradition and innovation.

Since its opening in 1958, the Osaka Shin-Kabuki-za Theater has been loved by the people of Osaka for a long time. In December 2019, the Hotel Royal Classic Osaka will open its grand opening on the former site.

This beautiful landmark inherits the traditional design of the Osaka Shin-Kabuki-za Theater, which was closed in 2009. World-renowned architect Kengo Kuma was responsible for the Hotel Royal Classic Osaka.

Stepping inside the hotel, which has a striking exterior reminiscent of the Shin (new) Kabuki-za Theater in Osaka with its series of karahafu, you will find a modern Japanese space created by the “lattice patterns and straight lines of beauty” designed by Kengo Kuma.

In the museum, the warmth of wood is reflected in every detail and the unique Japanese sense of beauty is breathed into the room.


There are a total of 150 rooms, including 9 suites. All rooms are equipped with in-room tablets that can control lighting, air conditioning, alarms, messages, etc.

This will not only increase convenience, but will also enable the company to provide high quality services that are tailored to the needs of each guest, which is only possible with a total of 150 rooms.

The rooms feature ceilings with varying heights. The unique roof-like design of many of the rooms gives them the feeling of being in a separate and distinct house. Pictured is a premium twin room.
There is one “suite” on each floor from the 12th to the 19th floor. From the living area with large windows on the east side of the house, you can see the Midosuji Street and the city of Osaka.

There’s also visitor-accessible restaurants and spas!

We also want to take advantage of the location in Namba, Osaka, to focus on food and drink facilities.

There is an open cafe facing Midosuji on the first floor and a buffet-style restaurant (lunch and dinner) on the second floor, making it easy to walk in and use it.

Other visitor-friendly facilities include the bar lounge on the top floor (20th floor) and the relaxation salon, Lavira Spa, produced by L’Occitane, a world-renowned organic cosmetics brand, on the basement floor.

Bar Lounge Kumokumo is located on the top floor of the hotel. The night view is breathtakingly beautiful.
Huff, a restaurant dedicated to breakfast for hotel guests.

Museums where you can stay !?

Another feature of the hotel that cannot be overlooked is the array of art that decorates the interior of the hotel.

In cooperation with the art gallery “Whitestone Gallery” and Junji Ito, special professor at Tokyo University of the Arts, more than 100 pieces of contemporary art are exhibited in the public space of the museum.

The works on display are scheduled to be replaced one after another according to the seasons and hotel events, so you can enjoy a “hotel and museum” experience that will give you new excitement and excitement every time you visit.


Hotel Royal Classic Osaka

【Address】4-3-3 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
【Official Web Site】https://hotel-royalclassic.jp/