【Namba】The “First Osaka” permanent 3D art facility will open in Shinsekai on July 12!

A new tourist attraction is born in Osaka! More than 30 3D art works will be exhibited, whose name is “Magical Painting Exhibition in Shinsekai”.

High impact 3D trick art.

3D art is an art that uses the illusion of the human eye, where a three-dimensional effect appears by writing on a wall or floor. If you pass the camera, you can take a mysterious picture as if you were in a different world. You will be amazed by the flashy and spectacular 3D art.

Let’s enjoy the latest art!

The fact that it is open means that it is full of new works of art that nobody has taken yet. Let’s shoot a lot and show off on SNS!


Masashi Hattori 3D Art Exhibition “Magical Painting Exhibition”

【Hour】11:00 – 21:00
【Regular holiday】No regular holiday
【Admission fee】
Adult (18 years old or older ※ high school students are not eligible) 1.000 yen
Child (2 years old or older-high school student or less) 500 yen

【Address】Shinsekai MD Building VI 2nd Floor
2-1-20 Ebisu-higashi, Naniwa-ku, OSAKA
【Phone】 06-6630-8075
【URL】 https://8sin.co.jp/trick3d_art/