【Namba】The “high-class bakery specialty store Sakimoto Bakery Cafe” has opened.

On the second floor of the high-end bakery specialty store “Sakimoto” in Osaka and Namba, the “high-class bakery specialty store Sakimoto Bakery Cafe” has opened.

New business condition of “Sakimoto”

SAKIMOTO is a high quality bread specialty store born in Osaka and it became a popular store in the whole country.

At the bakery cafe, which is opened as a new business style for the bread specialty store “Sakimoto” that is gaining popularity in various places, Canadian-made wheat that is most familiar to Japanese dishes and “hot water (Yudane) that moist feeling lasts Cafe menu such as sweet toast and soup plate using “extremely” natural “food bread” which adopted “production method” is offered.

Sweets Menu

The sweets menu is steamed from “Heart’s Gokubi Anko butter toast” with plenty of Hokkaido azuki bean crunchy and butter on well-baked bread, and steamed bread with carefully selected eggs and milk, 4 “Exquisite French Toast-Strawberry” topped with the persimmon styth is prepared.

Upper) Gokubi French toast – Roasted Almond 1,200 yen (includes tax)
Lower) Gokubi French toast – Strawberry 1,200 yen (includes tax)

Heart’s Gokubi Anko butter toast 780 yen (includes tax)

Meal menu

It is a signboard bread of Sakimoto from food menus such as “very delicious sandwiches of thick baked eggs (omelet)” boldly sandwiching thick baked eggs and “soup plate-mussels and clam chowder of clams” with plenty of clams and clams of mussels. A variety of menus are available that bring out the taste of “extremely-natural (Gokubi)” bread.

Upper) Veggies & Pork Cutlet Sandwich 1800 yen (includes tax)
Lower) Thick Omelet Sandwich 900 yen (includes tax)

Upper left) Soup Plate Homemade Minestrone 1,400 yen (includes tax)
Middle right) Soup Plate Onion Gratin Soup 1,300 yen (includes tax)
Lower left) Soup Plate Clam Chowder with Mussels 1,500 yen (includes tax)

Store Information

“High-class bakery specialty store Sakimoto Bakery Cafe”

【Address】2-3-18-2F Namba naka, Naniwa-ward, Osaka
【Hour】11:00 – 19:00 (L.O. 18:00)
【Regular Holiday】Irregular Holiday