【Namba / Abeno】High-end bread specialty store “Sakimoto” is going to release a summer limited open sandwich filled with summer fruits!


From the bakery cafe attached to the premium bread specialty store “Sakimoto” comes a new summer-only toast menu that uses fruits. It will be available from Saturday, August 1, 2020 through Wednesday, September 30, 2020, exclusively at stores attached to the cafe.

A limited edition open style toast with summer fruits

For summer, Sakimoto has created two types of open sandwiches that combine its signature product, “Gokubi “Natural” Shokupan” toast with delicious summer fruits and its signature jewel jam.

Earl Grey and citrus fruits

Two types of citrus fruits and mascarpone with the scent of Earl Grey are layered with a layer of Earl Grey Pearl, a jewel jam with the scent of black tea, and a cream with mascarpone from Hokkaido. The richness of the French lemon honey and vanilla ice cream on the finish, the richness of the mascarpone, and the refreshing flavors of the citrus fruits make for a perfect combination.

Gokubi Open Sandwich – Citrus fruits and mascarpone with the scent of Earl Grey” 700 yen (tax included)

Everlasting summer fruits and sour cream

On the other hand, the “Everlasting Summer Fruit and Sour Cream” is a dish of toast with sour cream made with raw milk from Hokkaido and orange topaz, a jewel jam, and a generous serving of mango and orange. The combination of fresh, tart sour cream and sweet and sour mango & orange makes it perfect for the hot summer months.

Gokubi open sandwich – evergreen fruit and sour cream” 700 yen (tax included)


High-end bread specialty store “Sakimoto” Bakery Cafe summer limited menu

【Sales Period】Aug 1 (Sat) – Sep 30 (Wed), 2020
【Sales Proce】700 yen for each (tax included)
【Store】High-end bread specialty store “Sekimoto” café attached
【Store in Osaka】Bakery Cafe Namba, Abeno Store