【Namba, Umeda, Abeno】White Fig and Gouda Cheese Bread” is back on sale at Sekimoto, a high class bread store!


High-end bread specialty store “Sakimoto” is now offering “White Fig and Gouda Cheese Bread” as a limited-time menu item. It will be available every Saturday and Sunday from Saturday, October 24, 2020 through Sunday, November 15, 2020.

Sakimoto’s popular “White Fig and Gouda Cheese Bread” is back!

White Fig and Gouda Cheese Bread”, which was sold for a limited time in August 2020, is a sumptuous bread made with the highest quality North American wheat dough, mixed with cut dried white figs, sprinkled with Gouda cheese and then baked.

The cheese is sprinkled on both the top and the sides of the batter, which gives it a fragrant aroma when it’s baked and melts for a crispy texture. The white figs, with their gentle sweetness and pleasantly popped texture, go perfectly with the white figs, and the salty flavor makes them a great accompaniment to wine or champagne.

800 yen (tax included)


Bread with white figs and Gouda cheese

【Sales Period】 Oct 24 (Sat) – Nov 15 (Sun), 2020
*Every Saturday and Sunday only
【Size】 1 loaf (120mm wide x 120mm high x 120mm deep)
【Price】 800 yen (tax included)
【Sales Method】 Limited quantities will be available at each store from 12:00 on the day, and reservations can be made in advance.
*Limited to two loafs per person.
【Reservation】 Phone call to each store, each shop, or official application
【Store】 19 stores of “Sakimoto”, a premium bread specialty store
【Store in Osaka】 Osaka First Main Store, Umeda Chayamachi Store, Hankyu Umeda Station Store, Abeno Store