【Nanba / KIX】Let’s try your luck at Burger King®! Let’s divulge the fortune of 2020 with “Fortune Burger”!


At Burger King®, Fortune Burger, a burger fortune telling the fortunes of 2020 with the color of buns, will be sold for a limited time from Friday, December 27, 2019 to Thursday, January 30, 2020 .

New products for a limited time

Fortune burger, a burger fortune that can tell the fortunes of 2020 by combining red and white buns. This is a new product for a limited time only, and the “red buns” and “white buns” colored with natural red malt dye. A simple yet burger king® product, sandwiched between fresh lettuce, tomatoes, sliced ​​onions, pickles, and Burger King® 100% beef boasting over-the-fire grilled moist red and white buns. The combination of buns that determine the fortune is fun after opening the burger package!

About Burger Fortune

“Fortune Burger” is a burger fortune that represents four types of fortunes with randomly arranged red and white buns. What will come out is fun after opening the package! Check the tray sheet for details on each fortune, so be sure to check it out.

Tray sheet (Unfortunately, it is written only in Japanese.)
From the left, Excellent Luck, Good Luck, Slightly Good Luck, Bad Luck


Fortune Burger

【Sales Period】From December 27, 2019 (Fri) to January 30, 2020 (Thu)
【Price】Single item 390 yen, set 600 yen
【Location】Burger King® Namba Center Town Store,
Kansai International Airport, AEROPLAZA Store