【Nationwide】 Godiva x Sanrio Valentine’s Day: Hello Kitty and My Melody Plush Toys and Chocolates as a Set

GODIVA has released a new Valentine’s Day gift in collaboration with Sanrio. The “GODIVA x Hello Kitty” and “GODIVA x My Melody” sets, which include Hello Kitty and My Melody plush/mascot holders and chocolates, have been available at Sanrio stores nationwide and Sanrio corners in department stores since January 6 (Wed.), 2021.

Godiva and Sanrio’s New Valentine’s Day Gift for 2021

The collaboration between Godiva and Sanrio started in 2013 and will reach its 10th edition in 2021. This year’s gift series, which features different costumes each time, comes in an original design with striking ribbons and pearls.

Hello Kitty and My Melody Plush Toys and Chocolates as a Set

The plush toy and mascot holder are specially designed for Valentine’s Day 2021, with chocolate-colored eyes, a ribbon around the neck with the collaboration logo, and the year “GODIVA 2021” on the sole. The “GODIVA x Hello Kitty” set includes “G-Cube Milk Hazelnut, 5 pieces” and the “GODIVA x My Melody” set includes “G-Cube Milk, 5 pieces”.


“GODIVA×Hello Kitty” and “GODIVA×My Melody”

【Release Date】 Jan 6 (Wed), 2021
Directly operated Sanrio stores
Sanrio corner of department stores (*Some stores do not carry these products)
Sanrio Online Shop (Main Store, Rakuten Ichiba Store, PayPay Mall Store)【Item & Price】
・Hello Kitty Doll & GODIVA 2021″ 5,500 yen
・Hello Kitty Mascot & GODIVA 2021 – 3,850 yen
・My Melody doll & GODIVA 2021 – 5,500 yen
・My Melody Mascot & GODIVA 2021: 3,850 yen
All prices include tax.