【Nationwide】 Have you tried the renewed PARM Matcha (ice cream)?


Morinaga Milk Industry’s popular “PARM” ice cream flavor, “Parm Green Tea” (6 pieces), has been relaunched and has been on sale since September 7.

Renewed PARM Matcha (ice cream)

PARM is a smooth and rich ice cream bar that is coated with a mouth-watering chocolate coating. The Japanese flavor “Matcha”, which is one of the most popular flavors in the series, has been renewed.

In the past, the bittersweet taste of matcha was the most appealing feature of Matcha, but by adding Uji gyokuro to the ice cream, we have made it even richer and more authentic by adding the deep flavor of Uji gyokuro, which enhances the flavor of the tea. The ice cream is surrounded by a generous layer of matcha chocolate, which adds an elegant sweetness to the cake.


PARM Matcha (6 ice cream bars)

【Renewal Release Date】 Sep 7 (Mon), 2020
【Price】 450 yen (MSRP)
【Store】 Supermarkets and mass merchandisers across the country