【Nationwide】 Heart-shaped “Yukimi Daifuku Heart Strawberry” is on sale again!


The heart-shaped “Yukimi Daifuku Heart Ichigo (Strawberry)” was released on December 7 (Mon), 2020in Japan.

“Yukimi Daifuku Heart Ichigo (Strawberry)”

“Yukimi Daifuku Heart Ichigo” ice cream in the shape of a heart is coming back in 2020. The “Yukimi Daifuku Heart Ichigo” with a cute visual that makes you happy just by looking at it is a cool sweets that combines sweet and sour strawberry ice cream and sticky rice cake.

The mochi part is finished in pink for a cuter look. It comes with a different “Heart’s Strawberry” limited edition design fork, a popular series that was a hot topic when it was released for a limited time in 2019, so be sure to check it out again this year.


Lotte’s “Yukimi Daifuku Heart Strawberry” 140 yen + tax

【Release Date】 Dec 7 (Mon), 2020
【Store】 Supermarkets, mass merchandisers, cvs, etc. across the country