【Nationwide】 Komeda Coffee Shop has just released a limited edition menu in collaboration with GODIVA!


From February 5, 2021 (Fri.), Komeda Coffee Shop has launched a limited edition menu in collaboration with Godiva, “Cronage Rich Chocolate,” available at all Komeda Coffee stores nationwide.

Komeda Coffee Shop x Godiva “Cronage Rich Chocolate”

This is the second collaboration following the “Chocolat Noir” released last year, and is an arrangement of Komeda’s new sweet “Cronage,” which is a cocoa baumkuchen with soft ice cream. It will be added to the menu lineup for a limited time as “Clonage Rich Chocolate” under the supervision of Godiva’s executive chef/chocolatier/pastry chef.

A chocolate baumkuchen made with Belgian cacao is glazed with a glossy chocolate sauce. On top of this, a generous amount of creamy vanilla soft cream is topped with chocolate chips and almond pralines to create a luxurious sweet treat.

When you put a fork in it, what overflows from the inside is a “sweet and sour secret” that enhances the taste of the slightly bitter chocolate sauce. You will have to wait until you try it to find out what is hidden inside.

Cloneage Rich Chocolate


Cloneage Rich Chocolate

【Release Date】 Feb 5 (Fri), 2021
Sales will end when the limited number is reached.
【Store】 All Komeda Coffee stores in Japan *Some stores are excluded.
【Price】 650-670 yen (tax included)

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