【Nationwide】 Nintendo “Super Mario” home and party goods are now available!

Nintendo “Super Mario” home and party goods will be available from winter 2020 at Nintendo’s official store “Nintendo TOKYO”, household goods stores and electronics mass merchandisers nationwide.

New items from “Super Mario” home and party goods

The new “Super Mario” home and party goods are a colorful and happy lineup. Among the new products, I would like to focus on the two-way wrapping bag, which is available in two designs. It can be used as a folded bag after opening the gift, or stored in a hatena block-shaped pocket for compact carrying. “Mario” design is just the right size for a Nintendo Switch, and “Super Mushroom” design is just the right size for a Nintendo Switch Lite.

In addition, a set of five zipper bags, each with five pieces of Mario and Super Mushroom and Yoshi and Egg patterns, will be available to help you wrap gifts and organize your cosmetics. In addition, a message card to accompany the gifts is also available.

Goomb or super mushroom character lights

Don’t miss the character lights that light up the party table. The palm-sized tabletop lights, featuring Goomb, Hatena Blocks, Super Mushroom, and 1UP Mushroom, are made by Paladone Products, a British company. They make the perfect gift as an interior decoration item to add a fun touch to a room.

Super Mario sundries combined and gifted

In addition, a number of Super Mario sundries have been developed in the past. Packed flower room slippers, paper holders, rubber mascot key chains, kitchen utensils for baking, etc., all of which will surely make your loved one happy.


Super Mario Home and Party Goods

【Release Date】 Winter in 2020
【Store】 Nintendo TOKYO, household goods stores nationwide, electronics stores, my Nintendo Store, major mail order sites, etc.